Soul Seeker Program

Tap Into Your Soul’s Desire

Discover the energetic and psychological lens through which you view the world, and powerful new strategies to experience the life you were born to live!

Woman meditating on top of a canyon rock
  • Discover the numerological energies at play in your life that result in repeating themes and patterns you haven’t understood up until now.
  • Your Personalized Life Path Analysis will cover all areas of your life – relationship, career, financial, health and spirituality.
  • Drawing on Human Needs Psychology, understand which specific needs are most active in your life and unknowingly impacting all your decisions and behaviour. You will learn how to capitalize on this knowledge to make more mindful and supportive choices in all areas of your life.
  • Get crystal clear on your number one priority for transformation and build a blueprint for that desire.
  • Receive a powerful, paradigm-shifting LifeScript that will begin to eliminate limiting beliefs and pave a way to the life you desire.
  • Develop personalized strategies and tools to start moving forward on your life path.  You’ll learn how to set 30 Day Goals that cannot fail, and will be amazed at the shift you begin to experience.
  • Celebrate the transformation that’s underway with the confidence that you have everything you need to continue forward with your own roadmap to success.
  • All Soul Seeker graduates will have the opportunity to continue on with coaching at a special reduced rate.
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"Lori, words cannot describe my gratitude for you and the Soul Seeker Coaching Program. Each week I left I felt so light and peaceful. I am no longer the same person who first came to you. I have grown in so many ways, so thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Darby D.