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Free Discovery Session

Let’s connect for your Free No-Obligation Discovery Session.

We’ll explore where you are, where you would love to go, and what that path forward could look like!

1 Hour Life Path Session

Your session combines traditional and holistic strategies to explore and experience the life you were born to live.
Life Path Coaching is ideal for anyone seeking clarity, passion and the desire to create an authentic and inspired life.
You will be guided to explore any area of your life where you desire transformation (leadership, relationship, health and wellness, career, spirituality) and sessions are scheduled at a pace that works for you.

Dream Interpretation

Your dreams contain inspired guidance which is downloaded to you each night while you sleep. They speak directly to your authentic self through symbols and metaphor and decoding this information can be invaluable in pursuing the life you desire. Whether you remember your dream from start to finish or only snippets from here and there, you will be provided with a detailed interpretation that is sure to shed light on an important aspect of your life.

Please note that all interpretations are done through email.

Interpretive Card Reading

Your One-Hour Interpretive Card Reading offers an alternative view and new perspective to any challenge or question you are currently experiencing. The captivating images of the cards provide a pathway to higher wisdom and an opportunity to access insights and strategies from your higher self and guides.

Please Note – your Card Reading also includes a Free Dream Interpretation ($30 value).

Soul Seeker Program

Tap into your Soul’s Desire with our Soul Seeker Program.  Your 8 Session journey will provide personalized insights into why you are where you are, where you would love to go, and exactly how to get there.    

Hesitant Leader Program

The Hesitant Leader Program has been designed for new and experienced leaders alike.  Hesitant Leaders are often recognized by others for their strong leadership skills, but often don’t see their own strengths.  If you desire more confidence, effective communication, stress management and work-life balance, this program is for you.

  • Soul Seekers Group Program
  • Hesitant Leader Group Program
  • Tap Into Tarot Workshop
  • Dream Interpretation Workshop
  • Six Human Needs For Business Workshop
  • The Four Agreements For Business Workshop

Which of our services are most beneficial to you?