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The Hesitant Leader Program

Transitioning Leaders

Through Stress & Uncertainty

Toward Confidence & Calm

For Leaders Who Long To Embrace The Brilliance Everyone Else Sees In Them

  • The Hesitant Leader knows Imposter Syndrome all to well and experiences challenges with confidence, delegation and difficult conversations.
  • They rise quickly within their organization yet continue to doubt their own abilities.
  • They are highly regarded by their superiors, peers and direct reports but have a hard time seeing the brilliance that others so easily see in them.
  • No one is harder on The Hesitant Leader than themselves and they experience a sense of pressure and responsibility that ebbs and flows, but never disappears.
  • Does this sound like you? If so, The Hesitant Leader Coaching Program is the answer you’ve been looking for!
Work setup with an open notebook and laptop

Your 12 Session Program Includes…

  • Your Hesitant Leader Course Manual.
  • An in-depth assessment of your current leadership mastery using the Leadership Mastery Assessment™ and Leadership Compass™ Tools.
  • An empowering Leadership Mantra created just for you.
  • Identification of your 3 Key Leadership Goals.
  • Activation of your 3 Key Leadership Goals using the Efficiency & Effectiveness Formula™
  • Learning how to adopt the 10 Essential Elements of Leadership Mastery™.
  • Upon completing your 12 Session Program your hesitancy will fade away as you transform your leadership path.
  • All Hesitant Leader graduates will have the opportunity to continue on with coaching at a special reduced rate.
"After a successful career in business development, I started my own company and looked to Lori for support in leading my sales and management teams. Since then, my communication skills and stress management have improved dramatically. I appreciate how Lori combines traditional and holistic coaching strategies that target specific areas of opportunity, all while reminding me of just how far I've come. Lori provides monthly coaching to my sales and management teams, monthly motivational presentations, and is considered a valuable member of the MJ Team. I highly recommend any new or hesitant leaders to ensure success by working with Lori."
Colleen Gardiner, MJ Lighting