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About Lori Friesen

Selfie of life coach Lori Friesen

Training and certifications are important but I believe it’s the challenges I’ve overcome in my own life that allow me to connect with and inspire my clients.

When you share your story of betrayal, grief, fear, lack of purpose, spiritual crisis, or leadership challenge, I open my heart, look you straight in the eye, and can assure you, there’s a way through.

I’ve been a Soul Seeker my whole life and believe that we’re all walking our own Life Path. I’ve explored energy work, numerology, intuition, interpretive card readings and dream interpretation, mindfulness, visualization, and meditation; and love bringing any modality that resonates with you into your session.

In my business career, I spent over 20 years loving my work and making a difference. Leading projects and teams was my specialty and being of service was my guiding principle.

In 2015 I was inspired to leave the corporate world and focus solely on my coaching business, Life Path Pursuits.

Since then, I’ve worked with clients from all over the world and find joy and fulfillment in witnessing their amazing transformations.

Life coach Lori Friesen’s cat

On a more personal note, I’ve been married to my amazing husband Gerry since 1998 and love spending time with my wonderful children Leah and Jeff and their partners Dustin and Edlyn.

I love travelling around North America following my favourite singers (Josh Ritter, Dan Mangan and The Rural Alberta Advantage), and spending a few weeks every winter somewhere by the ocean.

And if you and I do work together, you’re sure to catch a glimpse of my beloved furry sidekick, Romeo!